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MachTrader is tremendously versatile stock and options trading software that can power your way to better,
smarter, safer trading!

MachTrader puts real-time quotes and charts at your fingertips along with:

  • Customizable Features
  • Options, Technical, and Fibonacci Scans
  • Fundamental Scoring
  • Our 5-Star Ranking System

  • Learn How to Trade Better
    MachTrader software can help you learn to read the markets and how to trade better, safer, smarter.

  • Increase Your Profit Potential in Any Market Condition
    MachTrader can perform "what if" scenarios to see how different options combinations will perform in various market conditions.

  • Save Time Searching for Potential Trades
    Our unique Trade Seeker ™ scanning function allows you to narrow your search to show only the stocks that you target - filtered by price, volume, exchange, sector and group.

  • Reduce Your Risks
    This robust analytics program will quickly show you how your option portfolio can perform over time and how changes in price will affect your bottom line.

  • Lighten Your Workload
    MachTrader's proprietary pivot identification technology identifies when to get in and out of trades.

  • Build a Watchlist
    MachTrader gives you the fundamental company stats you need to monitor a "dream team" of companies on your watchlist.

As you gain new trading skills and strategies in options, spreads, covered calls, puts, and more... MachTrader can be upgraded to help you master the challenges of advanced trading activities.


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