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  • Will the MachTrader products continue to be available after 2/28/2015?

    The MachTrader product will no longer be available after 2/28/2015. If you currently have an account, the MachTrader will be cancelled and you will not be able to log in. The Options Analytix (OA) product replaces MachTrader.

  • Why are you making this change?

    We have made the business decision to no longer offer this product and we are currently reviewing other technical tools.

  • What software will the instructors use in the classes and trading labs?

    Our instructors will be using tools such as Think or Swim (TOS) in class.

  • What do I need to do to cancel my MachTrader?

    Nothing. Your MachTrader will be cancelled after 2/28/2015 and you will no longer be billed for the software.

  • Will I be automatically be transitioned to Options Analytix (OA)?

    You will not be automatically enrolled into OA. To enroll in the Options Analytix (OA) you will request an upgrade through Dynamic Trend/ eSignal. It will not be an automatic transition. This information can be found at

  • Will my MachTrader files be able to transfer to the Options Analytix platform?

    Unfortunately these files will not transfer. Machtrader and Options Analytix products are two different programs so the data is not interchangeable. Dynamic Trend could import your Quote Sheet files into the Options Analytix. After setting up Options Analytix, email your MachTrader saved file to and they will convert it to a Quote Sheet for Options Analytix. Other features of your file, such as charts, would not be saved.

  • What is the cost of Options Analytix (OA)?

    The cost is currently $180 per month for MachTrader students. For more information and to set up an account, visit

  • I don’t trade options, what will the Options Analytix (OA) software do for me?

    The Options Analytix (OA) gives you almost all of the same tools you had in MachTrader but updated with new features. You get even newer features that are designed for Stock only traders (scans, sector/group strength). Options Analytix is designed by the same company that built MachTrader so the transition is easy and the learning curve is very small. All of this plus industry leading option tools if you decide to use them in the future.

  • If I have additional questions who do I contact?

    For questions related to your current MachTrader account please contact:

    For questions related to your new OA account, please contact:

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